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ASU-Mayo Clinic Imaging Informatics Laboratory

Mission Statement

The ASU-Mayo Clinic Imaging Informatics Laboratory (AMIIL) is a collaborative effort between the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at ASU and the Department of Radiology at Mayo Clinic Arizona. Our goal is to improve patient care by analyzing and managing information in radiology images and databases. We achieve this goal by developing novel informatics, statistics & machine learning, and systems engineering approaches.

Thrust Areas

Thrust I: System Informatics and Process Improvement

  • Operational efficiency, process optimization, lean six sigma

Thrust II: Basic Radiology Informatics & Analytics research

  • Imaging processing and fusion
  • Statistical modelling and machine learning

Thrust III: Clinical Applications and Proven Value

  • Targeting important diseases: Brain Tumor, HCC, Fatty Liver
  • Focusing on multi-fold clinical outcomes: diagnosis, treatment response, reoccurrence, survival, quality of life
  • Utilizing multi-source information: multi-modality imaging, genomics, lab tests, biopsy, demographics
  • Involving multi-disciplinary medical experts: radiologists, oncologists, hepatologists
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